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Mini Games 4 Kids

Looking for a Game to entertain and teach your kids?!

Mini-Games for Kids includes multiple mini games in ONE game / app!
Fun for the entire family, all ages from infant to adult!


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Mini Games 4 Kids Mini Games 4 Kids Mini Games 4 Kids

Mini-Games for Kids FacebookMini-Games for Kids includes 4 Learning games.
Your kids will practice using the alphabet, counting,
learning shapes and colors.

Included are these separate mini games:

FunFlower has multiple levels of entertainment.
Collect as many rain drops as you can but beware of the lightning bolts!
Can you collect 8 raindrops before the time runs out?

FunTurtle incorporates multiple levels, plus Freeplay.
When Shelly, the Turtle is stuck among the maze of rocks, you will have to free her!
Collect Lilly pads on the way and watch out for the Whirlpools!